Monday, December 06, 2004

Discover Barefoot Household... BIODEGRADABILITY

Biodegradation may be defined as the destruction of organic chemical compounds bythe biological action of living organisms.

Ultimately, the organic matter is converted to carbon dioxide, water, inorganic salts and products associated with the normalmetabolic processes of the bacteria. Thus, in this process complex matter is generally reconverted back to its primary building blocks in nature. And the cycle continues

At Barefoot Garden, our goal is to formulate cleaning products which not only contain biodegradable cleaning agents, but with auxiliary builders (boosters) that, ultimately,undergo breakdown as well. In addition to ultimate breakdown, the speed of the biodegradation process is also a critical factor.

According to the Modified Biodegradability Test protocol developed by the OECD(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) group of experts, any product in which at least 60% of its organic chemical load biodegrades within 28 days under standard test conditions, is not only Biodegradable, but conforms to therequirement for Readily Biodegradable status (No single standard for Biodegradabilityexists in the United States at the present time).

For the Barefoot Garden line of cleaning products, the internationally recognized Europeanstandard OECD Modified Biodegradability Test validates the claim of ReadilyBiodegradable for every product except our Germicide and Fabric Softener. For Softener , biodegradation does occur, a little too slowly (approximately 53% of materials in 28 days) to be classified as Readily Biodegradable.

Unfortunately, the current technology for our disposal for this product lacks softening agents which meet the requirements for Readily Biodegradable status. However, we remain vigilant to new technologies which may satisfy requirements for both softening effectiveness and quick biodegradation. In the case of the germicide, the germicidal ingredients are, by necessity, not readily biodegradable. If they were, they would not effectively kill or disinfect the target organisms.

This is generally true for all germicidal products. The ingredients do eventually break down and become inert after use, or when disposed of according to directions.

In summary, our cleaners are formulated with the safest, most effective, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients available. Our continuing effort is to include thoseingredients which degrade naturally into the basic building blocks of carbon dioxide and water, thus minimizing contamination of wastewater systems, rivers and lakes.

Information received direct from:Jim Greene, V.P. of Product Development for the Forest C. ----Research Center

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