Monday, September 20, 2004

Are You Taking your B's? Do They Make a Difference?

Yes, they do!
In 1998 the March of Dimes teamed up with the Center for Disease Control to deliver a public health message: woman of child bearing years should take 400 mcg of the vitamin daily. It is a simple act of preventative medicine that cuts the risk of neural tube defects like spina bifida more than 50% in developing fetus’s.
Awareness of the supplements benefit have increased dramatically, while in 1995 only ½ of woman ages 18-45 even knew what folic acid was, that figure has jumped up to 77%. By 2004 the number of woman taking their daily dose rose up to 40% and all time high. Did this folic-acids advice reduce birth defects as intended? As a matter if fact the CDC reports that 2 major types of neueral – tube defects have dropped by 25%!!

Cited from Time Magazine Sept 27th, 2004 – by Sara Song

Patented Folic Acid Coating - B-Complex... Healthy Hearts, Healthy Babies, & Still More Folic acid, a critical B vitamin, isn't easily absorbed, so Shaklee developed a unique folic acid coating that makes the nutrient more accessible and bioavailable. This patented technology is a Shaklee exclusive.
What stress robs – B Complex restores – known as the "happy" vitamin!
You are in need of B if you experience these symptoms: Mood changes, irritability, nervousness, fatigue, depression, mental confusion, headaches, dizziness, trembling, loss of appetite, insomnia, stress, hypoglycemia, anxiety attacks, cracks at the corner of your mouth, low immunity, hair loss, anemia, dieting

Benefits include: needed to convert food to energy, alleviates sugar cravings, formation of protective antibodies & healthy red blood cells, normal growth in children, reduces risk of heart disease, may be beneficial for the treatment of PMS, morning sickness, anemia, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, and hearing loss, helps prevent birth defects, cervical dysplacia and colon cancer, needed to reduce homocysteine levels

From Cindy: As a past Community Director for the March of Dimes, it sure makes me feel good that I may have made a difference in someone's life.

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