Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Barefoot's Laundry Brightner Removes Stains on Corion

I'm always so excited when I discover another use for our wonderful products. We have Corian counters and a corian sink in our kitchen. As anyone who has a white corian sink can get very stained. Of course "Scrubber" will take out the stains but one day I got to thinking about our wonderful Nature Bright. With all the super specials, I now have extra Laundry Brightner
Well, I sprinkled some (LB) on my sink surface (after I rinsed the sink out) and let it sit. A few minutes later, I came back, swished everything with my Super Sponge and NO MORE STAINS!!Now I keep an old salt shaker full of laundry brightner right on top on my sink and sprinkle my magic whenever I want! ... Janet & Ken Daley

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