Friday, September 10, 2004

Fire Ants and All Purpose H (& Non-Toxic Weed Killer)

Non-Toxic Bug Killer or Repellent...
Are you being invaded by tiny ants, carpenter ants, etc.?

Mix 1 Tablespoon liquid dish detergent (H) and 1 teaspoon vegetable oil (to make it stick) in 1 quart of water. Spray around basement drains, baseboards,doors, windows, or other areas where bugs are entering.

This is supposed to work on most bugs. It is recommended that you repeat approximately once amonth or so. This can also be sprayed on plants and lawns and as a foggerfor mosquitoes.

(Info. from local TV health segment) I had a customer that continued to have problems even after an exterminator treated areas outside her home. Ants were continuing to enter her home. She was thrilled when the above mixture resolved her problem without havingto use any toxic chemicals.
I have also used my standard Germicide solution or All Purpose Cleaner H countertop solution to spray and kill ants that have entered.

Non-Toxic Weed Killer...

Dissolve a full box of table salt in one gallon of white vinegar (remove about two cups of vinegar to allow room for the salt). Mix well, add 8 drops of dishwashing liquid, and top it off with the vinegar you just removed. Saturate weeds with a spray of this mixture. (For mature weeds orgrass, additional applications will probably be necessary).

This acts as a soil sterilizer so if you clean an area of weeds with it, wait a few weeksto replant. Also, without the eight drops, the weeds won't absorb themixture, so don't skip the dishwashing liquid.
This works great in the spring when plants are young. A good resource for other uses of H & Germicide is the Manufacturer Mixture & Usage Guide that can be purchased through Frontrunners. They include recipes (from the Field) for treating lawns for fleas and grubs, flea dip for dogs,fly spray for horses and cows (I use on dogs - cover eyes before spraying on head), garden and plant care, etc.... My friend also uses H & G on fruit trees.

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