Thursday, September 23, 2004

FREE SAMPLE of - All Purpose Cleaner H

I have been writing about the wonders of All Purpose Cleaner H. I'm giving you a chance to try it yourself. If you will email me at with your mailing address I'll send you a free sample while supplies last.

So are you thinking what could I do with a little sample? Answer...PLENTY!
There are 540 drops, or 3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon of All Purpose Cleaner H in the sample bottle.
3 teaspoons in 3 qts. Of water to wash kitchen and bathroom walls, ceilings
1 teaspoon in a basin
of lukewarm water to wash undies and socks:
1 teaspoon for hand washing a sweater or knit dress; and
1 teaspoon to wash dishes (greasy pots and pans may require more)
2 teaspoons in a gallon of water
to wash the car, leaving 1 quart of mixture aside in a separate bucket to scrub kitchen and bathroom floors;
4 drops to a 16-oz. spray bottle of water to wash all inside windows, including all sills and mirrors;
8 drops to a 16-oz. Spray bottle of water to wash all windows on the outside sills;
3 drops to a cup of water to clean CD/DVD’s using a soft cloth removes finger oils and leaves your CD/DVD’s static-free;
2 drops on a damp cloth to clean shoes, then shine with dry cloth (will not remove wax finish.
2 drops into your steam iron to help keep jets and interior clean
2 drops on a cutting stone for sharpening knives (won’t clog stone and rinses clean)
8 drops to a 16-oz. spray bottle of water to dust entire house, wiping the refrigerator and stove, all chrome fixtures and appliances, furniture, even Venetian blinds and louvered doors.
151 drops remain: fill two 4-oz. squeeze bottles with water and remaining H and set in bathrooms for hand washing hosiery and for washing your hands…delightful!!

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Anonymous said...

I am very anxious to try this product.Thank you.Sharon Powers.