Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Barefoot's safe Germicide Sets the standard again..

Nelson's Shaklee ON-Liner News for the following testimonial.

Just thought I would write a little note about the Effectiveness of Germicide.

"As you know, I clean our church. When I first started cleaning, I was using all the products they already had there, which included: Lysol, Windex, Comet, and other products I had never heard of before. To save the church money, I decided to just use up all these products and then move onto bigger and better stuff later. Well, I noticed that when I would go back a few days later to re-clean, the toilets always had a horrible blackish/pinkish ring growing in the bowl, and the urine smell in the men's room was always very strong.No matter how much Lysol I used, the ring always reappeared and the smell never got better.

Well, about 6 months ago, the Lysol products finally ran out. I started using Germicide!!!!!! You wouldn't believe the difference. No more rings and no more odors in the men's rooms. I can come back days later, and the toilet bowls are sparkling clean. Best of all, the staff at the church think I am a great cleaner!

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