Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Your All-Purpose Cleaning Hero

Best for the Earth, Best for Your Home Efficient, powerful, safe, and economical. 16 oz makes up to 90 gallons to clean hard surfaces, enameled woodwork, walls, floors, glass, mirrors, even cars. Anything you can clean with water, you can clean with all purpose H. Small wonder it was named an official Earth Day product.

Order All Purpose H Here


Matt the Hat said...

Hello. I have visited your site because I have just been alerted tot he fact that we have automaticly swapped links on blog linker dot com.

You seem to have not yet put up your blog linker code. Do you require help with the it or the use of the tempalte within Blogger.com?

Feel free to come to the beautiful talker if you need a hand.

BTW: Did you mean for this psot to sound like the back of the packet?

Cindy McAsey said...

No...I really didn't and it one of those posts that was put up at the last minute of the day with nothing else to say...